Irish Silver Museum Waterford

CTS Group are excited to announce that we recently handed over The Irish Silver Museum located in Waterford City after completing a revamp of the electrical and mechanical elements in the building. The museum is located in The Deaney building in Cathedral Square and displays a magical insight into the Viking enriched history of Ireland dating back to the 9th century. It is the latest edition to the Waterford Viking Triangle also known as the ‘old town’ of Waterford City, this quarter of the city highlights Waterford’s culture and heritage through amazing museums and amenities. The quarter includes three world class museums of which contain over 1000 years of Irish History. The Deaney building was originally the property of James Rice, eleven - times Mayor of Waterford. Rice gifted the building to Dean John Collyn of Christ Church Cathedral in 1468.

The main item of attraction inside the building is the Waterford Kite Brooch, this sword was awarded to Waterford by Edward IV which belonged to Dean Johnathan Swift and draws huge interest to the museum. The principal interest of the public is the workshop of Waterford gold smith Paul Sullivan which is situated on the ground floor of the museum, this provides individuals with a first-hand insight in the production of various pieces of jewellery.

The building required various mechanical and electrical elements of which CTS Group were pleased to carry out. The electrical elements included re-fitted lighting which resulted in the enhancement of the overall ambiance of the area. The mechanical provisions installed consisted of general ventilation which will in return aid the museum’s silversmith with his numerous operations. The refurbishment of the building would not have been possible without Noel and Stephanie Frisby of Noel Frisby Construction Ltd, who generously gifted collections of Irish silver to Waterford Treasures as well as financing the development of the gallery. CTS Group is eager to see how the tourism sector in Waterford will benefit from the introduction of The Irish Silver Museum and we wish them every success for the future!